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Richard Mellon: “I was brought up on the West Coast of South Africa where sunny days, salty hair and cool water fostered a sense of fun and adventure that remains an integral part of who I am.

After school, I received training in the culinary arts, which taught me to perform skillfully under pressure and as part of a highly codependent team. This training allowed me to work my way across Europe where I discovered what I later found to be a rare, but important component of the best of these teams: Having fun while working hard.

My travels taught me a lot about myself and when I saw the opportunity I was able to unite my lifelong love of water-sports with my newfound love of travel by successfully proposing and then creating the first magazine for the World Tour of Kitesurfing. At the time when this was the fastest growing sport in the world, my business grew with it until I was managing the World Tour and their international media platforms during its most exciting and foundational time.

After many years on the road I returned home to Cape Town in search of an opportunity that allowed me to plant some roots, while still being able to travel and work in an exciting and rewarding field.

Fortunately, I found the perfect opportunity to do just that when I landed a job in production.  The world of production has afforded me the chance to work with wonderfully creative and dedicated people – learning and sharing and travelling with these incredible men and women remains one of the greatest blessings I have received. After a decade of freelancing and four years as a full-time producer for one of Cape Town’s finest production companies, I am finally ready for this new challenge that unites my skills and experience.”

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